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Software Engineer, Java Specialist and Ruby enthusiast

Welcome to my websiteHere's that corny introduction

I have been an Architect, Systems Engineer and mostly a Java Developer for over 10 years now. My passion is anything that challenges me: I am challenge driven. I love the way some aspects of Agile development made our day to day work more exciting, interesting and less error-prone.

About one year ago, after being a Java Head for ten years, I decided to taste something else. I had a personal project to write, so I tried Ruby on Rails. Working with RoR made me fall in love with Ruby.

The good part about all of this is that Ruby made me a better Java developer. Due to Ruby code structure, as simple and natural as it is, along with the wide community embrace for test-first development, I became more aware of code quality and reusability.

I still think Java is an incredible language, and still suits the Business Applications world like no other. Then why not use what I learned from Ruby in Java development? That's what I am trying to accomplish.

Speaking of Java, I am involved on a great open source project called JFileHelpers, which is now also hosted on my account in GitHub. It's a killer Java library for handling flat files. Currently, it's a little stalled, because I don't have time to maintain nor improve it. If you'd like to work on a Java OpenSource project, just drop me a note.

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